How We Build Our Pools

Aquaria will manage the entire process from design and completion, which means every aspect of the project will be individulay taken care of from start to finish.

We make the process as streamlined as possible and will maintain full dedication and communication to ensure the end result exceeds all expectations.

Why Concrete?

Concrete is the most durable and reliable material for the construction of a solid and permanent swimming pool structure.

All of our concrete pool shells are constructed in line with the swimming pool construction standards and are built to stand the test of time.

Our swimming pool structures come fully secured with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee to provide you with full peace of mind.

Design Phase

During the first stages of the project we will have an initial consultation and obtain an understanding of what needs to be achieved to create your swimming pool.

We will then design construction plans and detailed technical drawings of the swimming pool and all of its involved aspects such as internal fitting and lighting layouts within the pool.

This stage will give you a great understanding of how your project will come together and what the finished outcome will be.
You will have full control to make any changes and alterations to suit your exact needs.

First Stage Construction

The first stage construction phase will consist of the initial excavation of the project, installation of shuttering frame work, installation of specialist insulation, installation of A393 twin layer steel reinforcement and all first stage pipe work and fittings.

All in shell and underground pipe work will then be pressure tested to insure integrity and that there are no leaks present.

Sprayed Concrete Installation

Once all the first stage construction is completed and signed off the pool shell will then be sprayed at high pressure with specialist C40 concrete into the constructed form.

The concrete will be sprayed at a minimum thickness of 200mm encasing all steel reinforcement and first stage pipe work.
Once the concrete has been smoothed and has cured to temporary shuttering will then be removed.

This will be the point when you will really start to see your swimming pool take shape.

Screed & Render Application

Following on from the pool shell being sprayed and once curing is completed the specialist polymer enhanced screed and render layers will then be applied to all surfaces of the pool, this will make all surfaces flat and smooth ready to receive the internal finishes.

If selected on your project this is also the stage where the specialist waterproof tanking membrane will be applied covering the screed and render layers making for a completely watertight structure.

Application of Finishes

Once the screed, render and waterproof tanking applications have cured the pool will then be ready to receive its finishes.

During this phase the pool will be internally tiled and grouted with the finishes of your choice, the top coping tiles will also be applied.
Once completed the entire pool will receive thorough cleaning throughout ready for the commissioning stage.

Installation of Filtration Plant

During the above processes, the mechanical and electrical filtration plant will also commence installation ready for the commissioning of the pool.

This will include all pumps, filters, heating, electrical, UV and chemical disinfection plant.

Swimming Pool Commissioning

During this phase the swimming pool will receive and have fitted all of its internal fixtures and lighting and will then be filled with water.

Once full with water the mechanical filtration plant will then be set up and commissioned for first use with the pool chemically treated and balanced.

If a pool cover has been selected this is the stage where it will be installed and commissioned.

During this critical phase the pool will be heavily checked and monitored to ensure correct operation of all equipment.

Completion & Handover

Once the project has been fully commissioned and signed off as complete you will then receive a detailed completion handover that will take you through all aspects of the pool and provide you with all the information and knowledge that you will need moving forward.

Your swimming pool is now complete and ready for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

If you have any questions or would like to know more information about having a swimming pool installed please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.

“Dealing with James and the team at Aquaria has been an excellent experience. They delivered a superb quality pool on time and within budget and we were delighted with the final result.  They have also attended when we have had queries and have always been on hand to help us post completion.


It is becoming more and more unusual to find tradesmen who care about the quality of their work but in James we have found someone who both cares about his customers and is proud of his workmanship and I would have no hesitation in recommending him”

“James and his team, worked with us from the first meeting to help us get the pool we wanted, within budget and we now have an amazing pool.  They were professional, finished on schedule and took a personal interest in making sure our ‘dream’ pool was built.  Would thoroughly recommend Aquaria to everyone.”

“We didn’t know we could afford a pool that would look as luxurious as ours does.  James made it all seem so easy and perfect, thank you to you and your team at Aquaria Ltd for making our dream come true”

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