Basic Packages

We have multiple designs and products already completed for the most commonly desired sizes of swimming pools.
The predesigned basic concrete pool packages come with everything you will need for us to create you a beautiful swimming pool.

All of our concrete pools are constructed to the highest standards and are built to last.
Each package consists of the following.

  • Design and technical drawings.
  • A fully insulated reinforced sprayed 200mm thick concrete pool shell.
  • Internal polymer based specialist water resistant screed and render.
  • 2 coat reinforced specialist waterproof tanking system.
  • Internal Ezarri mosaic tile or large format porcelain tiles and grout.
  • Slim porcelain coping tiles or natural stone for finishing off the top edge of the pool.
  • Internal white or coloured plastic ABS fittings (Suctions, returns etc).
  • 4-6 Hour turnover rate inverter driven mechanical filtration plant.
  • AFM self sterilising activated filtration media.
  • Swimming pool electrical plant.
  • Underwater LED lighting.
  • Industry leading inverter driven long season air source heat pump.
  • Highest grade Geobubble solar cover and roller.
  • A set of constructed tiled steps with demarcation outlines.
  • Full Aquaria installation.
  • Pool cleaning kit and starter chemicals.
  • Commissioning and training.
  • 10 year guarantee.
  • Up to 6 months free servicing.



Basic package 1: 6m x 3m 1.3m starting from £49,618.20
Basic package 2: 8m x 4m x 1.3m starting from £67,731.56
Basic package 3: 9m x 4.5m x 1.3m starting from £80,272.79
Basic package 4: 10m x 5m x 1.3m starting from £91,744.70
Basic package 5: 11m x 5m x 1.3m starting from £98,982.34
Basic package 6: 12m x 5m x 1.3m starting from £107,244.04

Prices quoted are excluding VAT.
Ground works are not included in the above prices.
A site visit will be needed to assess access and ground work requirements.
Indoor swimming pools will be subject to additional environmental control equipment.

All pools can be individually tailored to suit your needs with plenty of optional extras to choose from if required.

Epoxy resin tile grout

Specialist epoxy resin tile grout that will replace the traditional cementitious tile grout, epoxy resin grout will far outlive the traditional as it is extremely robust and impermeable to chemical attack.

Interior stainless steel fixtures and lighting

Upgraded from interior ABS plastic to 316 marine grade stainless steel fixtures, giving your swimming pool that extra touch of style and class.

Automatic chemical control

Installation of specialist swimming pool chemical monitoring and dosing equipment, this will keep your pool water perfect and swim ready at all times with no need for manual adding of chemicals to maintain water quality.

UV disinfection unit

Installation of a specialist UV disinfection unit, this will destroy all bacteria within the pool making for a much improved swimming experience with less dependance on chemical disinfection.

Safety pool cover

Specialist swimming pool safety covers that will make your pool child and animal safe when not in use, operated via a locked key terminal.

For more information on any of our package pools or to find out more regarding our optional extras listed please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Slatted Pool Cover

Specialist swimming pool slatted cover available with PVC or Polycarbonate slats, not only do these look fantastic they also have great insulating properties.

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